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On this website we will bring you all the latest west Lothian news, places to eat and visit, things to do while in West Lothian, education and areas of interest. This is the number 1 website in anything West Lothian
Tons of history and accompanied by beautiful countryside, West Lothian is a must see when visiting Scotland. Located in between Glasgow and Edinburgh it provides you with a fantastic day out.

Things to do in West Lothian

Linlithgow Palace
a truly wonderful historic ruin which was the very birthplace of Mary the queen of the Scots, inside visit the palace the great hall where monarchs hosted banquets, go on the James IV's suite of chambers there is so much to see this is surely a must see.
Bennie Museum
Bathgate's successful Bennie Museum is currently running a exhibition fantastic for children called Museum of Childhood which shows aspects of life from the viewpoint of Bathgate's children from years ago. This will include vintage books and games.
Whether you to visit historic building or go on walks and witness spectacular views there is so much that West Lothian has to offer.


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